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Welcome to the web site.

DMC is dedicated to all things Microsoft Access.

We are also dedicated to simply helping those who want to explore, use and gain experience in Access. No matter if you are an individual using Access for personal projects or a small business owner using Access for business operations and finances. We are here to help you.

Helping our customers get the best out of their Microsoft Access program is our mission.

What does that involve? Well, from simply assisting with setting up tables or helping you create queries to extract the data you need from your tables, through to Forms & Reports to display the data and print or email to others, to helping you with any problems you may have with a database designed by you in Microsoft Access.

Macros and Vba code can be tricky and cause operating issues if they are even slightly wrong. We can help here too.

For those just dipping their toes into the Microsoft Access waters, it may be that you only need help designing interactive forms rather than relying on the Automatic Form Design feature in Microsoft Access. Adding action buttons or double click events. Even simply helping you freshen things up a little.

For the more experienced, we can help Plan and Design an Interactive Database or CRM System with you or for you. Designed to fit your corporate image, speed up all operation processes, manage oversight for  

Iso 9001. Add full Security Features restricting access to user level passwords. Allow all staff to use the database at the same time through networking and splitting the database into two distinctive parts. Designed to allow additional features to be developed as your company grows.

We are flexible in the ways we can help our customers. Please look at our Services Page to see what we think is a unique approach to helping our customers get the help they need in these very difficult times.

Thank you for visiting my site.

“..Click here to check out question 2 on our Frequently Asked questions Page. Not everything is about money!..”