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Why was Dmc created?

Very simple.

I was forced to design and build a business database, CRM System, for a Facility Management company I own and operate, as there was nothing on the market flexible enough for our needs. And those on the market, could not be adapted and changed as my company evolved and required new functions. They were all “One Size Fits All” packages which was of no use to me at all. So, I used Access to design and build one myself.

That process showed me how Powerful, Flexible and Fun Access was. There were so many cool things that could be done and integrated into the database. The more I learned and discovered, the more fun I was having (And the bigger and more interactive my Database got!). So once the business database was built, with all the bells and whistles, I knew that I wanted to spend more time playing with Access as well.

So, Dmc was born.

The Mission Statement? Simple really. Have tons of fun designing and playing with Access, and help anyone who wants it, no matter if they are a small business or an individual who is using it for personal projects. It also doesn’t matter how small the issue is or how complex. That simple.

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